INDIA: Divorce tourism to Maldives, Spain, Thailand, and Czech Republic the hot new thing!

Indian brideTIME MAGAZINE. According to TIME, Indian travel agents are on the cutting edge of a hot new global trend. It’s called DIVORCE TOURISM. According to TIME Magazine:

Though divorce rates in India are among the world’s lowest — only around one marriage in 100 fails, compared to every second marriage in the U.S. — breakups are increasingly common among urban couples, who are overwhelmed by pressures from family, work and other stressors, says Osama Suhail, an associate partner at New Delhi-based law firm ANZ Lawz. The trend has led to an outbreak of new online businesses. Four years ago, Suhail’s firm launched a website offering help on an assortment of marital issues from litigation and child custody to divorce and domestic violence. And at, which means “second marriage” in Hindi, divorcees can register online to meet other new singles for another chance at happiness.

The whole point of this idea is to “save marriages.” The funny part of the whole thing is that India literally has the lowest divorce rates in the world! If marriages need saving, it’s not in India. It is more a problem in the West in countries like the U.S. and Sweden and Britain. But leave it to those Indians to recognize a great marketing idea when they see it. One can be sure that the countries in the West will follow suit swiftly out of necessity more than anything. And, of course, it’s just a great idea whose time has come.

But can three make good company? Or will it just be tedious? For these trips to work, the Indian travel agencies are jetting counselors off on the holidays with the couple. Sounds risky, doesn’t it? Well, we are not the only ones who think so. Says TIME:

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One Response to "INDIA: Divorce tourism to Maldives, Spain, Thailand, and Czech Republic the hot new thing!"

  1. Rick   March 8, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    Divorce is a Rampant Epidemic especially when the government & military (NATO) is behind it!

    I went to a father’s group in Texas (just north of Fort Hood) where some ex-military west pointer gave some real eye-opening comments. He basically said that the current Divorce process, legislation, court system and military is all one scheme that was put into play around the early 1960‘s. It was put in place for the Vietnam War, that’s when the divorces started to sky-rocket across the country (Google statistics). That in addition, it was also designed to be one huge cash-cow to lure greedy lawyers to facilitate and destroy more families on the civilian side to get enough statistics to make it comparable to the military statistics. However the military numbers are still much higher. That is why they then modified the scheme to use on police nationwide to raise the civilian stats as most are ex-military and won’t suspect anything wrong.

    It is designed to send “single” male soldiers without family responsibilities to war and deny ex-wives any long-term financial support that was initially and may still be coming from the military/ pentagon’s money pockets. This is why laws traditionally have been favoring women. Women are lured to divorce partners with both positive and negatives reinforcements. The positive is they get the kids, the house, money in many forms-child support etc thus they benefit in the short term. To the military, the soldiers wives are expendable as are the soldiers and even their children! Simply the less money the military spends on wives, kids, ex-soldiers, the medical bills etc, the more they have for their drones, guns, or bullets. The scheme is very very complicated but based on very slow very subtle psy-ops brainwashing tactics followed by Machiavellian divide and conquer restraining orders. He said that any Freedom of Information request will gradually reveal key pieces of data that when analyzed together with confirm all this. Talking about this among other soldiers would also reveal stuff, so they came up with “leave your family problems at home” and the “zero tolerance” to divorce and get the spouses or soldiers out of the service quickly before they talk and expose the scheme. Many times this leads to actual suicides or apparent “suicides” to silence those that know too much. This is also the reason why the Pentagon does not want to release documents related to divorce. Part of the even bigger Military-Industrial complex. Similar schemes used throughout the world pushed through United Nations facades.

    Basically makes wives and soldier fight and hate each other. The scheme basically exploits women’s emotional traits to spread itself to other victims. The media contributes to the fear mongering and makes things worst. Fear (PTSD etc) makes women fear for their safety or some play the helpless damsel in distress thus they then go pleading to the oh-so-willing authorities who provide them with military issued cookie cutter divorce packets to take to a civilian lawyer. They do this to hide where the process initially starts.


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