CALIFORNIA: Fit for custody? An evaluation of Yahoo ex pres. Sue Decker and her fitness as a custodial parent

Yodel Anecdotal's photostream flickr
Yodel Anecdotal's photostream flickr

Yahoo ex pres. Sue Decker’s divorce is getting ugly according to published reports. The accusations against her are quite disturbing and if true they may impact whether she gets custody of her children or not. the multi-millionaire, living in Marin County Northern California, is accused by her husband of a number of misdemeanors including illegal drug use and adultery. The adultery is not such a cogent issue to divest her of custody. But the drug use? That could make a difference. Obviously, we are not in California. But here in New York drug use is one of many factors on the itemized list of factors that a court can consider in determining what is in the “best interest of the child” – the standard for awarding custody.

So, all things held equal, if the husband can show that Sue Decker is using drugs and that this affects her judgment in any way, and that he is otherwise a fit parent, she possibly could lose custody for this reason. It’s an interesting situation that we’re watching to see how it unfolds.

More on Sue’s divorce here:

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