Rick Pitino and Karen Sypher on Divorce, abortion, extortion and custody

Where do I begin with this one? Well, let’s start off by reiterating: A man is never responsible for his sexual indiscretions. It is always the fault of his wife and/or his mistress (if he cheats with a woman). If he cheats with a man, then everybody knows it’s his mother’s fault….

Having said that, Rick Pitino, college basketball coach extra-ordinaire, is not getting a DIVORCE even though he has admitted that some stuff went down in 2003 when he and this extra marital gal pal Karen Sypher got it on at a restaurant table and she apparently got spermigated and he gave her money to unspermigate, aka get an ABORTION. His poor wifey, Joanne, was home in her cocoon and had no idea any of this was going down.

Fast forward six years.  Karen is now blackmailing Rick for what? $10 million? And Rick had to confess to his wife and get the FBI involved to bust Karen for her malfeasance. Which they do. Karen’s on the hook for EXTORTION.  Meanwhile, Joanne and Jacqueline (Rick’s wife and daughter) totally forgive Rick and welcome him home with open arms. And get this: According to the Post, “Despite the episode, University of Louisville officials said Pitino’s job as head basketball coach was secure.”   But life is not so rosy for the “other woman.”  Karen Sypher’s husband, Tim Sypher, a Rick Pitino protege (is this a soap opera or what?), is totally over his wife and her debauched behavior and he has sued her for DIVORCE. He also wants CUSTODY of the child they have together, a cutie puttutie named Annabelle.

Well, whatever. That’s what I say. Que sera, sera. Wouldn’t you concur?

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One Response to "Rick Pitino and Karen Sypher on Divorce, abortion, extortion and custody"

  1. fast payday loans   August 27, 2009 at 1:23 am

    man this story was so interesting i wanted to keep reading about it and how dare the rick cheated on his wife i would have never forgave him for that an the lady who was blackmailing rich she was married alread she should of left the past alone know she is in big truble


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