FLORIDA: Sun Capital CEO Marc J. Leder and his wife Lisa Leder in divorce battle in Palm Beach

Bernie Madoff wrecks another marriage. That of Marc J Leder and his wife Lisa Leder….just kidding. The mogul was invested with Bernard Madoff according to the Palm Beach Post, but his losses were “insignificant.” So let’s not blame poor Bernie for everything.

The reason the couple who have been married 22 years is divorcing is because she alleges all he does is work (workaholics beware!) and he alleges and she admits that she had an affair with the 23 year old tennis coach of her kids. (In other words, she’s a cougar. She’s 46 and Marc is 47. They got married in their twenties.)

Ok. So what are the stakes? Lisa claims that Marc is worth in excess of $400 million. He says he’s worth less. But he offered her $100 million settlement and she’s basically scoffed it off.

If he is worth $400 million, I don’t think that 25% is enough after a 22 year marriage. Unlike Countess Marie Douglas David who similarly wanted $100 million of her husband’s roughly $300 million fortune, Lisa Leder had a long marriage, 22 years, and three kids with this man. That changes the dynamics significantly. Arguably, Lisa is entitled to half of whatever Marc is worth at the moment. If he’s worth $400 million, she should not walk away with less than $200 million. They can settle it for, say $165. But if I were her, I’d continue to play hardball. One hundred million is not enough after a 22 year marriage with three kids. No fair.

The Leder’s lived large off the largesse of Sun Capital Partners which Marc co-founded in the 1990’s with his college buddy after the two got tired of making deals for Lehman Brothers and moved to Boca Raton Florida to tap this niche market. What they do is they buy small companies in the Southeast region, nurse them to profitability and sell them. After 15 years, they are filthy rich (well, the company is struggling in the economy but they are still doing extremely well) and Marc and Lisa own a lot of luxury items and real estate. Says the Palm Beach Post:

The couple agree that they live a luxurious lifestyle. They own a 15,000-square-foot manse west of Boca Raton and a vacation home in Stowe, Vt. They travel by private jet. Their six vehicles include an Aston Martin DB9 convertible, a Bentley Continental convertible, a Cadillac Escalade and a Lexus LS.

The Leders own cash, stocks and bonds worth $102 million, according to a list of assets filed in the case – and that doesn’t include the value of their homes, cars, art, jewelry, trusts and Marc’s interest in Sun Capital. Those items weren’t valued in the asset list.

 In addition to their personal assets, Lisa wants a cut of Marc’s 50% stake in Sun Capital. I guess it’s future earnings capacity, and also from a fund with they created in 2007. Says the New York Post:

“Lisa wants half the value of Marc’s stake in Sun plus half of what he will get from Fund V down the road,” said Albert Caruana, Marc’s divorce lawyer, speaking about Sun Capital’s $6 billion fund it created in 2007

Well, interesting. I am sure I will revisit this story over the next few months. I mean, Lisa and Marc are the new Countess Marie and George David so they are my new catnip. But for now, here it is. Their intro.  Welcome Lisa and Marc to Divorce Saloon!


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23 thoughts on “FLORIDA: Sun Capital CEO Marc J. Leder and his wife Lisa Leder in divorce battle in Palm Beach”

  1. She cheats and then wants half.. BS, this insulting to all the hard working single moms everywhere who actually need legal protection. This woman wants to play both sides… I am so disadvantaged because we have a 15k square foot home, travel by private plane, have nannies and enjoy the fruits of my husbands labor. Why didn’t just get a divorce earlier with dignity before your cheated and dishonored yourself with some low life tennis coach who doesn’t plan to stand behind you? What a coniving, vindictive, selfish bitch.

  2. The best part of this is that she wants a divorce because all the guy does is work to create value at Sun and then she thinks she is entitled to half of what Sun is worth. I hope she doesn’t get any of that. I especially feel bad for this guy because now the government says they are going to tax his carried interest income as if it were income but she wants to claim it as if it were an asset he already owns.

    Oh and she screwed the tennis instructor…in Florida… how cliche is that.

  3. The best part of this is that she wants a divorce because all the guy does is work to create value at Sun and then she thinks she is entitled to half of what Sun is worth. I hope she doesn’t get any of that. I especially feel bad for this guy because now the government says they are going to tax his carried interest income as if it were income but she wants to claim it as if it were an asset he already owns.

    Oh and she screwed the tennis instructor…in Florida… how cliche is that.

  4. I agree. She is not only greedy but dumb! She should take the offer, she doesn’t even deserve that much. She is lucky Florida is a no-fault state. A 23 year old tennis instructor? GROSS, she is more then old enough to be his mother. She should be ashamed of herself & after this story, I am sure she is embarrassed to show her face in Boca! The old saying still holds true: Money can’t buy class!!

    Also, the single parent thing is really stretching. She had a staff taking care of the house & helping raise the kids (and had plenty of time for tennis, apparently!) Her husband was working long hours to provide for her and their children. He was WORKING, not hanging out in strip clubs. Regardless of how much he worked, she still CHOSE to cheat on him… it’s a good thing he’s rid of her!

  5. I realize the law is the law but she was offered a settlement of over 100 million. Which is about 50% of the Leder’s assets. That’s about 5 million a year for doing nothing except hosting parties, going to events, and overseeing a staff who did all the cooking, cleaning, and kid stuff. Her greed far outweighs her desire to protect her children and to maintain their well being. If she had accepted the settlement then there would not be public court documents stating that she had an affair with a 23 year old tennis coach. She would rather have more money (that she won’t be able to spend in her lifetime anyway) then protect her kids from knowing what a pig she is. What kind of role model is she providing for her children? “Daddy worked his tail off to give us this life & I shagged the help.” Really sad…

  6. I know the Leders personally. The story seems skewed on here but really what it comes down to is that Marc did not want to be a father or a husband. He had no interest in his family or children and ignored her completely. She made every attempt possible to be with him and was shunned. Think what you want, but it’s obvious that people make stupid assumptions when they only know a quarter of the story.

  7. I have been holding my tongue, but I used a fake name and email so I can tell what I have heard. She has good representation and word around town is that his “new” fund is so leveraged that it is less than worthless. He actually isn’t now worth the 100 he offered and will most likely settle for a lot less. He actually doesnt want to finalize the divorce any time soon but can’t come out and say that….a final settlement would be even more intrusive and he might have to report just how poorly his firm is doing. I wish her the best, but she should have taken the 100 when he actually had it!

  8. What says it all to me is the fact that for two weeks, Marc Leder didn’t know his kids had been moved out of the home they lived in!!!! 2 weeks? Does this mean he didn’t see or talk to his kids for at least that long? Why did somone else have to inform him that the mom had moved??? There is something abnormal about that!!! Why wouldn’t the kids say hey by the way daddy, we moved out of the luxury mansion you’ve been paying the mortgage on. He sounds like the worst excuse for a father in my opinion! Or maybe he has been busy amassing his fortune. lol

  9. I know the Leders mostly through friends and the full story hasn’t been printed yet. In the months to come, I hope everyone sees Marc Leder for who he really is. Sun Capital is struggling and it’s investors are no longer confident in the firm. There are a few rumors swirling around I won’t repeat here, but I know it’s true that Marc treated his wife and family poorly. True he provided a good financial living for them but he was never a husband NOR a father. She deserves everything she is asking for and more in my opinion.
    Sleeping with the tennis instructor was a bad choice, especially since he was interacting with the kids. But living with a man who was neglectful and dealing with so many of his own issues and not including her unless he selfishly needed to, took it’s toll after 22 yrs. She probably saw the instructor as man who was very attentive to her kids and someone who paid attention to her on a regular basis, something her husband couldn’t and wouldn’t do. 22 yrs. wasted, you can’t get that back and she was trying to go back, however fleeting with the tennis coach. I wouldn’t have done it and I’m not excusing it, but understand why. I especially feel bad for the children because Marc never knew how to be a father. As far as I have seen, she did raise those kids on her own. Regardless if she had help from a nanny, she was still the father and mother to them. For people to say she is dumb and undignified, you don’t know her. You are only thinking of 100 mill because YOU would do anything for it, including waste 22 yrs. of marriage and of your life with the wrong man or woman. 22 yrs. of being ignored and mentally and emotionally neglected and abused. I hope Lisa finally finds the love she deserves and needs, and I hope Marc one day steps up and becomes a real man and the father his kids deserve.

  10. Trust me when I say this: LISA is a 4-letter word for selfish, self-absorbed, spoiled and stupid. If she were smart she would have taken the offer Marc gave her. But she is stupid. Marc is the bad guy because he was working? And this nonsense about Marc not knowing the kids were gone for 2 weeks? I’m not buying it. I know Marc. He is a very nice guy. Very down to earth. A hard worker. He loves his wife and his children. He never cheated on Lisa, not once. He loved her. And she betrayed his trust. I think that is the hardest part for Marc. The betrayal of trust. He really is one of the good guys and he didn’t deserve this. He really didn’t deserve this. And Lisa knows it.

  11. Miss Cummings, There are plenty colleagues, investors, and ex-employees that would disagree with you on Marc Leder being a “good guy”. From what I’ve read, heard and seen, his ethics and morals are lacking in his business and personal lives! Also, Marc’s own attorney made the statement about Lisa moving the kids out and Marc not knowing for 2 wks. “2 women approached him and told him.” Read the article in the P Beach Post and the other articles here. Like someone said here, that is unsettling, and to me it confirms his lack of interest in his children. What’s also unsettling is Lisa admitted to having an affair with the kid’s tennis instructor. Disgusting! Looking at these comments, it seems you are either team Marc or team Lisa. I don’t think either one is a “good guy”. They both sound like ugly people, and it’s the children who are hurt and who are losing out in this ugly situation. Those children never asked to be born to these selfish monsters. They must be embarrassed by their parents, and they can’t be happy. Marc and Lisa seem to not have any respect for each other or their children! So I am led to believe they don’t have respect for anything else. Having their disgusting private lives out here for all to see, I think they both are getting what they deserve. It’s true what they say, MONEY CAN’T BUY CLASS OR HAPPINESS.

  12. Yes she had an affair with a tennis pro but who is to say he didn’t have an affair himself. No one really knows all the facts. So before you judge either one of them. You should get the whole story

  13. To Lisa Leder, All I want to say to you is…. YOU GO GURRRRL! A 23 year old tennis pro??? Lucky woman!!! That guy is a sexy virile 23 year old!!! How can we condemn her for that??? C’mon people have you seen her husband Mark??? He’s a *tiny* little nerdy thing!!! Give her a break!

  14. Someone commented that Marc didn’t want to be a father or a husband. He was married for TWENTY-plus years & fathered THREE chidlren!!!!! And did it take her over 20 years and 3 children to realize he ignored her? If she was so neglected then she should have left long ago with dignity, not by having an affair with a young boy. Plenty of people get married too young and grow apart. It is a shame that the end of the marriage was not handled better.

  15. I’ve known Marc casually for a couple years & he has always been friendly. On the few occassions that I met Lisa, she had an air of forced friendliness about her, she didn’t seem genuine. Rumor was that they were both unhappy for a long time. It is too bad it has come to such a circus with all the dirty laundry being aired. I cannot imagine finding out that my mother cheated on my father with a tennis instructor who is young enough to be her son! Only in south florida!

  16. Have you seen Marc?? Maybe you haven’t seen Lisa? She is average looking (and that’s being generous) and she is a heffer. No wonder he lost interest: men are visual ladies! If you want to keep your man interested, take an interest in looking good! And technically she was paying the tennis instructor (with Marc’s money) to sleep with her. That being said, I saw Marc out to dinner a while back with his very hot girlfriend & he looked very happy – good for him.

  17. I saw them last week…no neglect there, he was so into her and focused on her I don’t think he noticed when I walked by! Guess he’s making up for lost time. Poor Lisa – I guess she was the problem because Marc doesn’t appear to have any problem lavishing attention upon his sexy young skinny gf! Did I mention that her body is literally perfect? The type that could keep you in bed, worn out, yet happy, for an entire weekend! (sorry lisa, i am sure this is your worst nightmare!)
    Hey Marc – If it doesn’t work out, do you think I can get her number?

    1. Ok you guys over in Boca! You are killing me here with the Leders already with these posts. I am sure both Marc and Lisa have already moved on and they could care less what the other is doing. At this point, Lisa wants her 50% and Marc is concerned with coming out of this with as much money in his pocket as he can. Cheers to the gf and the tennis instructor and Marc and Lisa at this point. Wouldn’t you say?

  18. I would hire JOEL M. WEISSMAN — He is a skilled tough litigator…. He will protect your rights and “money”

    Look at the superb job he is doing in the KASMAN matter.

    Get Weissman!!

    1. Weissman does not protect rights and money, he greedily reaches for his clients’ assets and has no ethical compass.

  19. Lisa is actually quite attractive and in great shape. Obviously you all do not know her…she is a great mother and supporter of charity. Marc seems nice enough too, it is unfortunate that so much ugliness has to be spoken about two people who happened to fall out of love with each other. I would guess that those who talk them down are just JEALOUS…even if their money is cut in half it is still more than some of these losers will ever see in their lifetime. The Leders will move on but the haters will keep talking because they have nothing else.

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