Octomom inks reality show deal: but is it in the best interest of the children?

According to published reports, octomom Nadya Suleman and her eight babies will do a reality show. They have signed a contract whereby each baby gets $250 per episode. I read it here: http://omg.yahoo.com/news/court-docs-octomom-inks-showbiz-deal-for-tots/25663

A portion of the money will go into a trust till they turn 18. No word on how much mom will get but I sure hope it’s a lot more than $250. But in any event, I find myself wondering if even the show would be in the babies’ best interest. I mean, other than the money, what is the net gain for them? And what does Gloria Allred think about this new development? Last time those two clashed, Gloria was seeking a guardianship for the octuplets. Although, I am not sure if she was nominating herself for the job.

I think the octomom has the right to put the babies in a show if she wants. I’m just not sure if it is in their best interest.

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