What does breast-feeding have to do with divorce?

Breast-feeding and divorce

That is an interesting concept. I got the idea for this post here: http://www.blisstree.com/breastfeeding123/breastfeeding-divorce-and-custody-issues/

It never ever even entered my brain that this could be an issue (I wonder why?) but it seems that some folks have had some issues with mothers breastfeeding, and how that interferes with the father’s visitation with his kids (in a divorce scenario). That is intense! So, this post above basically has links to all the “breast-feeding laws” of various states. I never even knew such a thing was on the books of certain states. Wild!

But it poses a good question. Can a divorcing father force his soon to be ex-wife to stop breast-feeding an infant and put the infant on formula so that he can have more visitation?

I would imagine he could. Because in New York, certainly, there is no longer a “tender age doctrine” on the books. In the past, mothers got custody of young children based on the notion that a young infant would obviously need to be breast fed and things like that. Now, the court does not recognize this as an issue. Dads can get custody from day one. So if they are getting divorced after the child is about 3 months, say, and the mother has been breast-feeding, and the father was granted custody or even liberal visitation, I would imagine that he could force the mother to feed the child formula instead of breast milk. Cause if she doesn’t, he will have an impossible, wailing baby on his hands at all hours of the day or night. Which I am certain can drive anybody insane. (Wonder how the octomom does it? Does she have milk for all those kids?)

Anyhoo. Just thought I’d throw this one up. Cause it intrigued me. Cause it never occurred to me this could be an issue. But now that I think about it, it totally can. Wow. What’s going to be next? What’s gonna be next?!

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  1. Karen   July 2, 2009 at 4:06 pm

    I came to this website looking for information for a friend. She was abandoned by her husband (police officer) one week before giving birth. She filed for divorce and she is breastfeeding. He also got a lawyer and is planning on forcing her to give up breastfeeding so he can take the baby away on weekends. How can he have this right when he is the one that abandoned the ‘family’. We live in Ohio.I am searching for information on cases like this.


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