How to save your marriage: volunteer together in the 3rd World!

Maybe the best boot camp for your failing marriage may be to go off to a country where people really have problems and try to be a part of the solution. Parts of India, Africa, Middle East and Asia are good places to start. Off the top of my head, Malawi, Darfur and Rhwanda, Iraq and the slums of Mumbai comes to mind as places that could use some extra hands. Maybe when you see what life is like for people with problems that make your life look like a daily spa treatment, you and your hubby will grow a new appreciation for each other and work harder on making your marriage work and cut this nonsense about divorce being the solution…Look, if volunteering isn’t your speed, just go off on a safari holiday in, say Botswana. I hear there is this great place in the Okavango Delta in Botswana (Xudum Delta Lodge) that is a really cool hang out for cool travellers. All the volunteering required is cleaning up your own room if you make a mess. All the rest of your time can be spent in the natural habitat of rare and beautiful animals, having exotic meals and massages and re-affirming both your spiritual and marital vows — and saving yourself a trip to the divorce lawyer’s office…

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