Divorce Advice for lawyers and clients

Online Client Reviews: How important are they to your practice? »

[Translate] The online client review Divorce lawyers and professionals like everyone else in this digital universe we live in, are vulnerable to online client reviews – or even attacks. Indeed,…

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GEORGIA: Divorce attorney wins defamation/libel case against client (ABA Journal) »

[Translate] According to the ABA Journal, a Georgia divorce attorney has won a legal battle against a client who the attorney claims lied to her during his initial consultation and…

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Retainer Agreements in Divorce and Family law cases: Information for counsels and clients »

[Translate] RETAINER AGREEMENTS AND HOW THEY  WORK IN DIVORCE ACTIONS When you get divorced, more than likely state law will require that you and your attorney sign a “retainer agreement.”…

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Beware of boilerplate terms in marital agreements and pre-nups! »

[Translate] For attorneys, nothing is sweeter than having a ready-made contract to use as a guide. Who wants to have to reinvent the wheel each time a client walks in…

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Mandatory legal counsel: Should divorcing couples be legally required to retain an attorney? »

[Translate] Recently, I was conversing with the president of the International Association of Matrimonial Lawyers in Vienna and he mentioned that there was pending legislation in his country to make retaining a…

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How to optimize YOUR divorce law blog »

[Translate] Optimize your divorce blog with SEO tricks from a clueless blogger For divorce lawyers, divorce attorneys and other divorce professionals Well, talk about the blind leading the blind.  (sometimes…

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Can a divorce lawyer fire his or her client? If so, under what circumstances? »

[Translate] From time to time, lawyers have to (or want to) end their representation of particular clients. Some clients are engaged in misconduct from which lawyers seek to dissociate themselves.…

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The Cheap Divorce Lawyer: Who is the least expensive divorce lawyer in New York? »

[Translate] I am just sitting here next to my window that looks out onto a busy boulevard wondering about cheap divorce lawyers in New York.  I remember how lawyers used…

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Should divorce lawyers be required to represent a certain number of clients for free each year? »

[Translate] Not sure what brought on this post but I know there is something that triggered the thought in my head recently. I may have read that New York or…

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Do divorce lawyers really need to have a “mobile” website to stay competitive? »

[Translate] Avvo.com ran an interesting article the other day about mobile websites. Apparently most Americans now own smartphones and it is from their smartphone that they search the internet, not…

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Is the divorce lawyer becoming an anachronism? »

[Translate] I quickly stopped by our friend across the pond John Bolch’s blog, Family Lore, and saw this post http://www.familylore.co.uk/2011/02/is-there-future-for-family-lawyers.html and I wondered if he may be on to something? I…

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TV divorce lawyers vs. real life divorce lawyers »

[Translate] Divorce lawyers are depicted unrealistically in TV and fiction best-sellers I was just reading a website by a colleague in Oklahoma and got the idea for this post about…

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Divorce Jurisprudence: Hard law requirements and soft law expectations for clients and counsels »

[Translate] Hard law requirements and soft law expectations for divorcing couples and their counsels The terms “Hard law” and “soft law” are not as sexy as they sound. They are terms…

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Are divorce lawyers inherently bad financial advisers? »

[Translate] Are divorce lawyers bad financial advisers? They could be. For sure, unless a divorce attorney has a background in accounting and finance and tax, it behooves a client to…

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Divorce Saloon speaks with Great Neck “superlawyer” Jacqueline Harounian about divorce trends »

[Translate] In our quest to connect on a more meaningful level with divorce attorneys, divorce experts and professionals,  and divorce litigants,…

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Vivien Stark, a top NYC matrimonial lawyer, stops by to chat with Divorce Saloon about divorce in New York »

vivien stark

[Translate] Divorce Saloon speaks with top New York Divorce attorney Vivien Stark about divorce matters in New York Divorce Saloon :…

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Divorce Saloon speaks with divorce blogger, Cathy Sloper »

cathy sloper

[Translate] Over Halloween weekend, we met up with fellow blogger Cathy Sloper at a party in Greenwich. Cathy had promised…

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Divorce Saloon speaks with Henry Chung about divorce in Hong Kong »

henry chung

[Translate] Divorce Saloon speaks with Henry Chung, a Divorce attorney in Hong Kong about Divorce in Hong Kong   Divorce…

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Divorce Saloon speaks with Superlawyer and Huffpost blogger TERRI WEISS about divorce in New York »


[Translate] Divorce Saloon speaks with our contributing editor Terri Weiss. For more from Terri Weiss, please click here. And now…

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Nip, Tuck: Divorce Saloon speaks Beverly Hills California plastic surgeon Dr. Francis Palmer about post-divorce plastic surgery »

Dr. Francis Palmer

[Translate] Apparently, people who get divorced are also getting plastic surgery in increasing numbers and they are willing to go…

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Divorce Saloon speaks with Austrian divorce attorney, Dr. Alfred Kriegler »


[Translate] Divorce Saloon speaks with Dr. Alfred Kriegler a top  Divorce and Matrimonial attorney in Vienna Austria and a member…

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Divorce Saloon speaks with Lisa Decker on protecting personal wealth from divorce: READ FULL Q&A »


[Translate] Divorce Saloon interviewed certified divorce financial analyst Lisa Decker who hails from Georgia but has an international practice. Lisa…

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10 mistakes to avoid during your divorce »

[Translate] Ten mistakes to avoid during your divorce 1. Not knowing the extent of your assets and debts. Do you know the nature and extent of your marital assets and debts? Do not leave all the money issues in your marriage up for guesswork during…

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The US has seen more than 10 million divorces between 2000-2010 according to the Center for Disease Control »


[Translate] According to the Center for Disease Control there were well over 10,000,000 divorces in America between 2000  and 2001 2010. That’s right. You have heard correctly: OVER TEN MILLION. That is the bad news. The good news is that the divorce rate is or has…

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The 10 most compelling justifications for divorce are: »

dancing fools

[Translate] 1. You’re married to a Drew Peterson type and you got clued in before you ended up in a body bag. 2. Your spouse is paranoid and accuses you’re having affairs when it  never entered your mind. 3. You found out your spouse’s prior spouse(s)…

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10 Reasons Why Divorce Should be Outlawed »

wallis simpson

[Translate] These are 10 Reasons I think Divorce Should be Outlawed: 1. It is the ultimate hypocrisy when you consider the vows people take at their weddings… 2. It is bad for the environment because it creates more homes that need more energy to run.…

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Divorce, QDRO’S and retirement income: 5 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW »


[Translate] HERE ARE 5 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT DIVORCE AND QDRO’s 1. Generally your retirement income is marital property and if you divorce, to the extent the income was earned, accrued or vested during your marriage you will likely have to share it with…

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10 ways to have a guilt-free affair »


[Translate] Well, Pollyanna, who by the way is Catholic and possibly the most guilt-ridden person in the entire universe, has decided to post on how to have a guilt free affair. This is not to say she is above having an affair. But guilt free? This should…

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Suddenly a bachelor? 6 Tips for men recently divorced and struggling with divorce »


[Translate] TIPS FOR MEN STRUGGLING WITH DIVORCE: Okay. So, everybody knows I am not really a man, I just pretend to be one when I use the name Bryan K. Pauly. I am really just this fat overweight woman who eats altogether too much pasta…

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The 12 stages of divorce »


[Translate] I’m incredibly bored and so I took to the blog to relieve my ennui….aaaaaghhhhhh!…I should not be blogging…!!! Actually, I spent my morning painting. I’m really into watercolor and I have a bunch of canvasses going and so I did a bit of work…

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Is cheating contagious? »

cheating contagion

[Translate] Forget about whether divorce is contagious. Now the question is, is cheating contagious too? I saw this byline on the cover of a fashion…

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[Translate] The economy is supposedly picking up but still, for a lot of Americans, affording a divorce is a big issue, when you factor in…

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Divorce & Your teeth: Did you know that divorce can wreak havoc on your smile? »

Has divorce destroyed your pearly white smile?

[Translate]   Well, I’m sitting here thinking about the state of my teeth. Ahahahahaha No, seriously. I was. Because I’ve been drinking a lot of…

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Feeling crucified in Divorce Court? »

san antonio river walk

[Translate] Hello Everyone! I am sitting in a cafe at the moment thinking of you all. I had such a lovely day today and I…

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Can divorce literally make you sick? »

[Translate] Can divorce literally make you sick? Hmmmm…I think so. I think divorce can make you sick, literally. It depends on how a person handles…

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Should every state have a divorce “cooling off” period? »


[Translate] Should every state have a divorce “cooling off” period? I have some nerve talking to you about “cooling off” periods since I can be…

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The Brilliant Marriage

[Translate] What is a brilliant marriage and how can you get one? A brilliant marriage is one that works, first and foremost. It is a coupling of two people that is inspired, by virtue of the…

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Debbie Rowe vs the Jacksons: When surrogacy collides with “equitable paternity” in custody disputes

[Translate] Can Debbie Rowe seriously challenge the Jacksons for custody of Paris Jackson and Prince Jackson? And if so, and she wins, could the courts conceivably throw in Blanket into her guardianship on the grounds that…

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SEX & DIVORCE parisian woman

Secrets French women can teach you about being a post-divorce seductress

[Translate]   French women are sexual and sexy and everybody pretty much concurs that this is a fact. These days a lot of them are divorcees as the divorce rate in France, while holding steady in…

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BOOK SHELF longevity project

BOOK: The Longevity Project: parental divorce during childhood predictor of early death in adults

[Translate] THE LONGEVITY PROJECT: Parental divorce during childhood reliable predictor of early death in adults The WSJ ran a review of this book, The Longevity Project a couple of days ago. It’s authored by these two…

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Google’s Sergey Brin to divorce

[Translate] Google co-founder Sergey Brin is reportedly getting a divorce from his wife of six years, Anne Wojcicki. The couple has 2 children, a joint foundation, a melange of business ventures that they co-own or manage…

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Eliot Spitzer’s wife Silda demands divorce

[Translate] Silda Wall Spitzer was New York political royalty for a minute and a half due to her marriage to former New York governor, Eliot Spitzer. The elegant attorney, quite an epitome of class if you…

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Billionaire Harold Hamm gets to keep controlling interest in Continental Resources – premarital property says judge

[Translate] Harold Hamm is one of the richest oilmen in America with an estimated fortune in excess of $19 billion dollars. A former gas attendant and gas pumper, the Oklahoma businessman  went on to found a…

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Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian could be on the brink of divorce according to sources

[Translate] It seems that keeping up with the Kardashians has been too much for sports personality, Lamar Odom. The basketball star who reportedly has become free agent this season, is allegedly battling many personal challenges which…

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