The Brilliant Marriage »

[Translate] What is a brilliant marriage and how can you get one? A brilliant marriage is one that works, first and foremost. It is a coupling of two people that…

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Social Networking and divorce: Is Facebook a menace to modern marriages? »

[Translate] Facebook is apparently hazardous to marriage according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.  Apparently, about 80% of American marriages that implode these days involve some misuse or abuse…

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Will your marriage rest on you losing the weight?

Can stubborn post-baby weight wreck your marriage? »

[Translate]   Recently, celeb trainer extraordinaire Traci Anderson who created the Traci Anderson Method workout plan that resculpted the bods of celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, as…

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The Beer Belly: Is it a dealbreaker? »

[Translate] I have to say that fewer things are a bigger turn off for me than a guy with a huge beer belly. Bellies were mean to be flat. I…

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birth control plan b

Did the failure of your contraceptives contribute to the demise of your marriage? »

[Translate]   President Obama must have read my mind because I had this draft sitting there a few weeks and I just read online that he’s backtracking on a proposal…

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Divorce Warrior post apocalypse »


[Translate] By Terri Weiss Reprinted with permission of the author You’ve made it through to the other side. Both you…

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Divorce War Survival Tips »


[Translate] Divorce War Survival Tips By: Terri L. Weiss Reprinted with permission of the author. All Rights Reserved. Punishing court…

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10 mistakes to avoid during your divorce »

[Translate] Ten mistakes to avoid during your divorce 1. Not knowing the extent of your assets and debts. Do you…

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The US has seen more than 10 million divorces between 2000-2010 according to the Center for Disease Control »


[Translate] According to the Center for Disease Control there were well over 10,000,000 divorces in America between 2000  and 2001…

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Debbie Rowe vs the Jacksons: When surrogacy collides with “equitable paternity” in custody disputes »

[Translate] Can Debbie Rowe seriously challenge the Jacksons for custody of Paris Jackson and Prince Jackson? And if so, and she wins, could the courts conceivably throw in Blanket into her guardianship on the grounds that it is “in his best interest” not to be…

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Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt could trigger the mother of all custody battles »

[Translate] Sadly, like the rest of the world, we heard about Paris Jackson’s attempt to end her life via TMZ. The 15 year old high school youngster has been on lock down in a psychiatric hospital since the fateful event. At her bedside are her…

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Divorce & Infanticide: New incident in France reported (British man kills his two children following bitter divorce) »

[Translate] Divorce & Infanticide often, and increasingly these days, go hand in hand. Why? It is difficult to understand or explain the actions of a parent who would rather murder their own child to get revenge in a divorce. It is the ultimate act of…

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Who has a tougher time with divorce? Stay-at-home moms or working moms? »

[Translate] This question begs asking: Do women handle divorce differently depending on whether they are stay at home moms or career women? We do not have a scientific answer to this question as we have not used any reliable methodologies to posit a theory. But…

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10 Ways to screw up your custody and force the judge to give the kids to your ex »

Did you lose the kids because you didn't know when to quit?

[Translate] Huffpost has this list of celebrities who have had the messiest custody battles in history. The list includes Usher and Tameka, Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry, Kelsey Grammar and Camille GrammarBritney Spears and Kevin Federline and a whole bunch of other people. It was…

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Usher’s custody win a massive haul for FATHER RIGHTS movement »

[Translate] In case you were unaware, there is a subversive movement in the country right now, and maybe even around the western globe, called the FATHER’S RIGHTS movement. What it is is a fringe group of men (maybe not as organized as the Tea Party movement, or quelque…

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Suri Cruise’s double life: Could the Kindergartener suffer permanent psychological harm from her parents’ divorce? »

[Translate] Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes have already signed their divorce papers and were only too eager, mutually so, it seems, to be rid of each other. No love lost. But what about their little daughter Suri? Now that they are divorced, it seems…

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BRITAIN: Child custody laws expected to be changed to give both parents presumptive joint custody »

[Translate] In England, moms get custody of minor children more than 90% of the time. And what eventually happens is fathers disappear from their children’s lives or play a minor role, if any. Now there is a proposal to change the custody laws which were promulgated…

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Divorce Saloon speaks with divorce blogger, Cathy Sloper »

cathy sloper

[Translate] Over Halloween weekend, we met up with fellow blogger Cathy Sloper at a party in Greenwich. Cathy had promised to talk with us about…

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Divorce Saloon speaks with Henry Chung about divorce in Hong Kong »

henry chung

[Translate] Divorce Saloon speaks with Henry Chung, a Divorce attorney in Hong Kong about Divorce in Hong Kong   Divorce Saloon:  Mr. Chung, welcome.  Henry Chung: …

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Divorce Saloon speaks with Superlawyer and Huffpost blogger TERRI WEISS about divorce in New York »


[Translate] DIVORCE SALOON: Good morning Ms. Weiss. Thank you for agreeing to speak with us today. TERRI WEISS: Thank you for having me. Call me…

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Nip, Tuck: Divorce Saloon speaks Beverly Hills California plastic surgeon Dr. Francis Palmer about post-divorce plastic surgery »

Dr. Francis Palmer

[Translate] Apparently, people who get divorced are also getting plastic surgery in increasing numbers and they are willing to go to the ends of the…

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GEORGIA: Divorce attorney wins defamation/libel case against client (ABA Journal)

[Translate] According to the ABA Journal, a Georgia divorce attorney has won a legal battle against a client who the attorney claims lied to her during his initial consultation and then proceeded to defame her online…

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DIVORCE QUESTIONS cheating contagion

Is cheating contagious?

[Translate] Forget about whether divorce is contagious. Now the question is, is cheating contagious too? I saw this byline on the cover of a fashion magazine this morning while I was at Walgreens buying toiletries. It…

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SEX & DIVORCE parisian woman

Secrets French women can teach you about being a post-divorce seductress

[Translate]   French women are sexual and sexy and everybody pretty much concurs that this is a fact. These days a lot of them are divorcees as the divorce rate in France, while holding steady in…

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BOOK SHELF longevity project

BOOK: The Longevity Project: parental divorce during childhood predictor of early death in adults

[Translate] THE LONGEVITY PROJECT: Parental divorce during childhood reliable predictor of early death in adults The WSJ ran a review of this book, The Longevity Project a couple of days ago. It’s authored by these two…

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Google’s Sergey Brin to divorce

[Translate] Google co-founder Sergey Brin is reportedly getting a divorce from his wife of six years, Anne Wojcicki. The couple has 2 children, a joint foundation, a melange of business ventures that they co-own or manage…

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Eliot Spitzer’s wife Silda demands divorce

[Translate] Silda Wall Spitzer was New York political royalty for a minute and a half due to her marriage to former New York governor, Eliot Spitzer. The elegant attorney, quite an epitome of class if you…

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Billionaire Harold Hamm and wife attorney/economist Sue Ann Hamm to divorce according to Reuters

[Translate] Oklahoma oil barron Harold Hamm and his lovely wife Sue Ann may call it quits after attempting to divorce in 1998 and then again in 2005. This latest filing in 2012 may be third time…

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Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian could be on the brink of divorce according to sources

[Translate] It seems that keeping up with the Kardashians has been too much for sports personality, Lamar Odom. The basketball star who reportedly has become free agent this season, is allegedly battling many personal challenges which…

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